Hot Water Boilers

There are several advantages to using a boiler for heating.  The fluid you are heating is easily able to move to different areas and different processes.  What this means is a truly customizable heating system for your home.   The same boiler can heat every area of your house all while easily having separate temperature zones.   We are able to heat hot air using this same system.    This means that houses with traditional cold spots such as bonus rooms over garages and basements are always the perfect temperature.   

This same boiler is also able to handle all of the domestic hot water heating for your home.  It is able to heat far faster and far more efficiently than any traditional water heater.    We do this using an indirect hot water heater.   This is a stainless-steel tank with a stainless-steel heat exchanger.   When the tank has a demand for hot water the boiler will temporarily turn off your hydronic heating so it can use all of the capacity of the boiler to satisfy the water demand.    This means very quick recovery and much higher water output than traditional tanks.    These tanks also come with a lifetime residential warranty so it will likely be the only water heater you will ever purchase.

Our first choice for residential boilers is NTI.    We install their TFT line of boilers.  These boilers are modulating boilers.   This means that the boiler can speed up or slow down to satisfy the heating demands.   These boilers are made with stainless steel.  These boilers are down fire tube heat exchangers.   This vertical configuration helps keep the boiler cleaner making it far less maintenance. 

These boilers come as small as 60,000 BTU and as high as 399,000 BTU.  With the built in technology for connecting multiple boilers together these boilers can satisfy any size demand you may have.  

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